Please consider including Pacific Diversified Services in your charitable giving plans. PDS is such a small program, that every dollar truly makes a difference and is not just a "drop in the ocean." PDS is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization organized for charitable purposes.

PDS is driven to remain true to our commitment to the values that drive our organization, even when it is more expensive and difficult to do so. If we were to operate solely on our minimal state funding, we would not be able to provide much more than "babysitting" for our clients.

We do not want our clients to be segregated away in a building all day, nor do we want them to be the large groups of developmentally disabled adults you see aimlessly shuffling behind a leader in the mall or doing nothing more than sitting on a bench at a park. Rather than taking large groups on "field trips", we create individualized schedules for every client tailored to their interests, age, and needs for support. We help our clients engage in age appropriate purposeful activities and find meaningful employment for them. We interact with them respectfully and give them the dignity they deserve.

PDS is all about creating “average” lives for people who would not otherwise have these opportunities to be included in every day life. These concepts of diversity and inclusion for people with developmental disabilities are not novel or complicated. But, unfortunately, providing the very basic services and supports to make these concepts a reality is still very difficult in our service delivery system. PDS counts on the generosity of the community to supplement the minimal state funding we receive, so we can provide such innovative and exciting services.

While on one hand it could be said that PDS is a small organization, we hope that the work we do is much bigger than our numbers. Every day we try to break down stereotypes and pioneer the way for other people with developmental disabilities to be allowed these opportunities in life. But because we are a small organization your donation will go a long way, not only to help adults with developmental disabilities work and become more independent in the community, but also to actually ensure that they are included in life. Now that is real value for your money!

Generous contributions allow us to maintain our high standards and to supplement our state funding in the following ways:

Personnel/Job Coaching

Fund vital support (i.e. job coaching) in order to maintain positions of employment, which often require 1:1 or 1:2 staff-to-client ratios. (State only funds us for a 1:3 ratio.) Job coaches accompany our clients on the job, assisting them through verbal and physical prompts to interact with their co-workers and customers and to complete their tasks. Due to the severity of their disabilities, these clients would not be employable without job coaches.

Transportation/Client Mobility

Provide for costs of clients' public transportation and auto stipends to our staff members who transport clients in their private vehicles to and from the clients¹ jobs and throughout the county on a daily basis. Provide for operating costs of our van for our elderly and physically disabled clients who are no longer ambulatory.

Program Supplies

Purchase program supplies, such as clothing for job interviews, uniforms, work shoes, and outfits that help clients blend well into their work environments and meet dress code standards; goggles, "float belts", and swimsuits for swimming; watches and timers for clients to keep track of time on the job; augmentative communication devices for hearing impaired and non-verbal clients; wallets, California Identification cards, and other individually tailored adaptations.

Community Based Instruction

Provide for membership and drop-in fees for fitness classes at local gyms, pools, and recreation centers for clients to learn about proper nutrition, get positive reinforcement for losing weight, and exercise alongside their non-disabled peers in order to stay fit and healthy.

Provide for staff admission/participation associated with accompanying clients to restaurants, movies, baseball games, and community typical environments that non-disabled people spend time in such as gyms, fitness classes, pools, and recreation centers mentioned above.

Supplement client tuition for adult education classes such as cooking, film, relationship topics, art, etc., as well as admission/participation costs for community-based activities, such as movies, baseball games, and restaurants. Employed clients are required to pay for their own community-based activities with the money they earn from their paid jobs. Clients who work few hours because they are so severely disabled occasionally need PDS to supplement or cover the costs associated with them doing things average adults typically do in the community. For example, three clients may each pay for their own cups of coffee in a local café, but PDS might pay the tip for the waitress, who patiently served this group with special needs.

Please contact us to make a tax-deductible donation.

Send checks to: Pacific Diversified Services 223 San Anselmo Ave, Suite 1 San Anselmo, CA 94960 or pay with PayPal

Pacific Diversified Services is a California Corporation, which is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes, which has established its tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All donations are tax deductible.