Inspired by PDS

The following organizations have adopted the structure, characteristics, and rationale for innovative service delivery in customized competitive employment and full community inclusion developed by PDS:

  • Several programs in Japan and numerous local organizations that we work closely with.
  • Silicon Valley Diversified Network (4 different free standing service using the service model), under Hope Services: Locations are San Jose, Mountain View, Monterey, Half Moon Bay, California.
  • Community Support Links, under Melwood Services: Waldorf, Maryland.
  • Tennessee Customized Employment Project: Knoxville, Tennessee.

Publications/federal grant proposals that cite Pacific Diversified Services

  • Belanger Mautz, D. (2003). Developing agencies that provide integrated work and community inclusion services: Does information help? Doctoral dissertation, University of California at Berkeley, author.
  • Christensen, J., Certo, N., Belanger Mautz, D., & Bouchard, C. (2003). California's Conversion and Transition Service Integration Model: A Collaborative Outcome-Based Model for Customized Competitive Employment and Community Inclusion for Adults and Post-Secondary-Aged Students with the Most Significant Disabilities. Proposal for federal funds appropriated through the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Disability Employment Policy.
  • Tennessee's Transition Service Integration Model for Students with the Most Significant Support Needs: Linking Workforce Investment Act One-Stop Centers with Knox County Public Schools, Division of Rehabilitation Services and Division of Mental Retardation Services (in progress): Proposal for federal funds appropriated through the U.S. Department of Education, Rehabilitation Services Administration, National Institute for Rehabilitation Research.