The PDS Newsletter

Check out our current and past newsletters. Every newsletter features a message from PDS Executive Director Lisa Giraldi and lots of news on what's going on with PDS, their clients and staff.

"Hire Us" Newsletter 2011

  • Closure of Borders affected two clients
  • PDS Dog Walking Service
  • What We're Good At

Summer 2010

  • Message from Executive Director - 20th Anniversary of PDS
  • New PDS Office
  • Free Seminar

Winter 2009/2010

  • Message from Executive Director
  • Client Spotlight: 2009 Brought us Five New Clients
  • PDS Staff News including Two New Staff Members

Winter 2008/2009

  • Message from Executive Director, Brian & Jennifer Maxwell Fund donation
  • Client Spotlight: New PDS Client Guy
  • Meet the Staff of PDS

Spring 2006

  • Message from Executive Director, Discussing Her Personal Story
  • Client Spotlight: Kelly B
  • Staff Spotlight: Josh Satt
  • Clients Anniversaries
  • Fundraising Updates

Winter 2006

  • Message from Executive Director, Discussing Family
  • Client Spotlight: David B., Discussing Autism
  • PDS Challenge Grant for Van
  • Community Integration
  • Halloween Monster Bash!

Fall 2005

  • "See Me": Perspectives Regarding Our Clients' Feelings
  • "Integrity": How PDS Defines Success
  • Client Spotlight: Eric A
  • New Board Members

Spring 2005

  • PDS 15th Anniversary!
  • Client Spotlight: Cathy A
  • Staff Spotlight: Justin Burke

Winter 2005

  • Client Spotlight: Joe A
  • The Angels of PDS: Meet the Donors

Summer 2004

  • Client Spotlight: Don S
  • Surprise Baby Shower


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