Welcome to the wonderful world of Wuppermobiles

Our products are colorful, cheerful, and designed to make you smile.

Several PDS clients have started their own business called Wuppermobiles. All the profits from your Wuppermobiles purchase will go directly to our clients, helping them become more self-sufficient, productive members of their community.

Celebrate diversity by purchasing and proudly wearing our t-shirts. They are 100% cotton, high quality t-shirts with custom designed logos. T-shirts are available on eBay, Amazon and Etsy.

Wupper Airlines Crazy Jumpkins are wooden, bouncing mobiles that brighten the hearts of kids and adults! They are named after a river called Wupper, in the town of Wuppertal, Germany. And journey to Fairyland with Tassie Design Fairy and Elf Collection! These whimsical little creatures look like they come from enchanted mystical gardens. We have also added musical art boxes to our collections of goods. These are delightful, whimsical music boxes with classic art and music. Wupper Airlines mobiles, Tassie Design Fairies and our artistic music boxes are sold on Amazon and eBay.

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